On-Line Training Portal

onlineportalThe “ecclesia School of Equipping” On-Line Training portal brings the classroom to the student by leveraging state of the art 21st century cutting edge technology.

Students no longer need to quit their jobs, move to a different state and go into debt to receive high quality fully commissionable ecclesiastical training. Through our secure portal, students can study at their own pace by simply signing in to their class module and starting their course. If at any time you want to pause and continue later on, our system remembers exactly where you left off.

If time, money and demographics are of concern, the “On-Line Portal” is a great tool. There is absolutely nothing lost from being an on-line student with the exception of physical interaction. On-line students can email their instructors with questions at anytime if necessary.

Our on-line courses require nothing more than a computer and a Internet connection. Our portal delivery method is safe, fast and secure. It even recognizes when a slow connection is detected and will automatically recommend the best connection speed. Those students that use more advance devices will be pleased to know that our classes are iPad and Tablet compatible.

Students can register anytime and enjoy the convenience, flexibility and professionalism of  the ecclesia School of Equipping On-Line Training Portal by clicking here:

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