Objectives & Goals

Objective: The objective here at Authority of the Believers Ministries is clear: “To be the premier equipping platform in North America” We will accomplish this by establishing, launching and sustaining a platform and center that equips, empowers and mobilizes kings-priest, networks and organizations into their assignment (calling/occupation) thereby positioning them to exercise dominion in the church, marketplace and workplace


Root-out religion, tradition & racism from the ekklesia (body of Christ)
Shift the ekklesia from “church view” to a “Kingdom view”
•Provide World-Wide training  (24/7/365) by leveraging the Internet & Technology
•Provide local classroom training with hands-on application
•Provide cutting edge – present day solutions to 21st century problems
•Provide training that is certifiable, authentic, commissionable and measurable

•Empower the Next Generation by positioning them to be better prepared for life to:

  • Be Fruitful (profitable, successful)
  • Multiply (produce, generate & build)
  • Replenish (replace, restore, renew & provide)
  • Subdue (conquer, control, dominate)
  • Dominion (govern, manage, rule, reign, jurisdiction & have seniority)