Learning Environment

Our classroom learning environment is clean, comfortable , safe and professional. Our on-line courses are delivered to you using Secure, Cloud-Based, Hosted Solutions.

Our in-class learning environment are based on three values:

1. Posture & Value of your classmates—Each student brings a unique set of skills, perspectives, and life experiences that enrich the learning environment. The learning process requires a certain degree of risk taking, and each student must always assume responsibility for his or her own learning. Additionally students should support and respect one another’s efforts at experimentation with new ideas and learning challenges.

2. Importance of Human Relationships—Mutual respect is a cornerstone of healthy social interactions and working relationships. Participants in a classroom setting are invited and expected to treat one another respectfully, even though  values and opinions may differ.

3. Confidentiality and Privacy—Self-disclosure will be minimized in the classroom in order to respect the privacy rights of students.  Shared information about self, family  and friends, whether  accidental, incidental or intentional will be respected by class members and treated confidentially.