The vision of the United Strategic Apostolic Network is to provide an apostolic network for individuals, churches, ministries, businesses and other networks to voluntarily unite so that the kingdom can penetrate and dominate throughout the various sectors of society. USAN is a diplomatic launchpad for establishing of professional relationships to conduct Kingdom Business on a broader scale by engaging in and develop working strategies that will create a kingdom culture and bring regional transformation.

Robert Summers is the visionary, founder and Apostolic Father of the United Strategic Apostolic Network. Apostle Summers received the assignment from God to bring apostolic restoration to the regions that the network is strategically extended into.

God gave Apostle the revelation of “The Kingdom is as a Net” in 2010. The strength of the net is in its knots. The individual, people, churches, ministries and organizations that are connected to and form the net represent the knots. No one “knot” is greater than the other and each knot is tied the same. Nets are mended together by lines. Without the connection there is no net and impact is singular at best.

If you’re serious about advancing the kingdom and releasing the apostolic dimension and want to find out more on how you can be part of this vanguard network, please go to USAN to become a partner.