Feeling Deserted?

Have you ever been let down?

At my first defense no one appeared in my support; instead they all deserted me- may they not be held accountable for it. But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me the message a would be fully proclaimed …..…. II Tim 4:16-17

Have you ever been let down by someone? Perhaps it was a close friend, family member, business associate or fellow church member. It seems that the ones that are closest to us are ultimately the ones that fail and desert us? We expect them to be people of integrity, people who are honorable and stick to their word, however the main people we expect to be there for us can, at times, let us down.

Interestingly it is typically when you need people the most that they’re not there. Paul expresses this in writing to Timothy that everyone had deserted him. Not one of Paul’s ministry supporters stood by his side in his time of need.

Apostles and leaders hear me very clearly ……… when you’re building the vision the Lord gave you, you must be resolved to build regardless of your supporters’ or lack thereof.

Paul goes on to say that God stood with him and gave him ……. STRENGTH!

21st century apostles have the grace and strength needed to build. In times of persecution, despair and even chaos, apostles run ahead of the pack and breakthrough first. While it is frustrating when your “partners” run, hide in a cave or abandon you, always remember, God’s grace is sufficient for you. He always has a ram in the bush and will provide.

When we speak of apostles we are considering all gates that apostles are sent to. This applies to those assigned to the 4-walled equipping centers, the workplace or marketplace.

My brothers and sisters, when you understand that the Lord is standing with you – you can overcome anything. You WILL MAKE IT. Better to have the Lord on your side than controlling Jezebels with flattering lips.

Paul also prayed for those that deserted him. It’s important that breakthrough leaders walk in perpetual forgiveness. Many that desert are spiritually immature to fight and war. They must be restored, re-enter the training program and be proven to be beyond a novice. This is why we are told not to put a novice in position.

I want to encourage you leaders today. Heck, I want to encourage myself. No matter what you or I are going through right now, THE LORD IS STANDING WITH US.

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