Premier 21st Century Training

trainingWelcome to our Ecclesiastic  Training for the citizens of the Kingdom of God.

The ecclesia School of Equipping is specific to equipping in the area of the ecclesia and the gifts given to the church and is designed to provide every citizen of the Kingdom of God with a quality education that equips them in areas that are critical to living the spirit-filled life. Paramount to the ecclesia School of Equipping is our dynamic training to those called as leaders to nations, regions and systems.

While many schools of ministry opportunities exist in the world today, the landscape of some is manicured with hermeneutical applications that lack, integrity, apostolic character and a Kingdom view.

The New Breed platform meets these issues head-on by providing quality ecclesiastical education, training and equipping through professionally designed curriculum that is both measurable and commissionable and provides a level of accountability prior to being commissioned in the ecclesia

At AOTBM ecclesia School of Equipping we train leaders to use their gift throughout the world without the limitations that the religious culture and mindset has inaccurately projected on the person called to ministry. This enables apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers to widen their scope of what ministry truly is and be released into the church, marketplace or workplace.

This removing of the veil, which separates the secular from the church, strategically eradicates the limitations of the 4-walled institution and makes for a more effective minister.

AOTBM ecclesia School of Equipping is designed for the 21stcentury believer wants more than what traditional religious training offers.

Our training is not only delivered to you via a vanguard, cutting-edge platform but we also provide the personal attention needed to assist in identifying callings, assignments & occupations.