ecclesia – School of Equipping

School of EquippingThe ecclesia School of Equipping at Authority of the Believers Ministries provides high quality spiritual enrichment, education and training for all believers.

Through the ecclesia School of Equipping you will receive some of the best training and spiritual equipping for apostolic, prophetic and Kingdom minded students.

Our visionary objective is “To be the premier equipping platform in North America that equips, empowers and mobilizes kings-priest, networks and organizations into their assignment (calling/occupation) so that they exercise dominion in the church, marketplace and workplace”

Through our Columbus, Ohio campus we offer state of the art classroom facilities, a diverse offering of classes and courses developed by experienced leaders.

Through our on-line training portal we leverage the Internet & technology to bring our professionally designed curriculum and courses to individuals from around the globe.

All training offered at AOTBM is certifiable, authentic and commissionable and is delivered to the student through professionally designed curriculum developed by a team of proven apostles, prophets and teachers.