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Authority of the Believers Ministries

Welcome you to our website. We are so glad you have chosen to visit us. Please take a few minutes to navigate around and look at the various ministries and educational opportunities we have to offer. We would also like to personally invite you to visit our 6,500 square foot Equipping Center located at 950-A Taylor Station Road in Gahanna Ohio. In our facility you’ll find a casual and contemporary environment designed specifically for students, professionals and families.

At AOTBM we are a 501 (c)  organization that is fully committed to providing education and training to believers from all walks of life. We are NOT a traditional church but rather a “Educational Platform” designed to fully equip the believer and transition them from a religious culture into a kingdom culture.

At AOTBM, you won’t spend time sitting in a chair, but rather you will be liberated to cultivate and demonstrate your gift and talents and ultimately to be released into your destiny.

So, if you’re tired of simply attending a traditional church and are looking to discover your true purpose in life, then come and experience The New Breed at AOTBM.